Boshko Nelkoski

Nelkoski Organic Food LCC
DescriptionThe owner of NELKOSKI ORGANIC FOOD comes from a family where hazelnuts farming is a family business and becomes a tradition. For the hazelnut we have a European certificate for organic production. The facility is housed in its own buildings in which began processing, breaking, grilling and packing of hazelnut, we also produce premium quality hazelnut butter. The company is registered in the ministry of agriculture as official buyer of organic products from agricultural producers in Macedonia.
Organization Type Producer, Company
CityStruga, v.Draslajca Google map
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      Packaging, packing techniques

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        Organic hazelnuts and Hazelnut paste

        We are EU certified organic hazelnut producers. Our products vary from
        raw hazelnuts in shell, raw cracked shell-less hazelnuts, freshly baked
        hazelnuts and from recently prime quality organic hazelnut butter.

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