Davorin Selinšek


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  • Tuesday 10:00 - 16:00

The company/farm is oriented towards milk production and agriculture. Milk production has a long tradition, it has already been dealt with by old parents.

The processing of milk was started with homemade yogurts, cheese and curd, followed by grilled cheese, cottage cheese with various flavors, and recently semi-hard cheeses made from raw milk are added.

For many years, the company/farm has received prizes at AGRA's agricultural food fair.

The added value of company/farm is their gift program where they offer their gift-wrapped products with local honey, pastry and dried meat products.

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    The company is searching suppliers for:
    • cheaper packaging they already use
    • packaging that is environmentally friendly

    Keywords: Food technologydairy productspackagingenvironmental friendly. Healthy foodmilkyogurtpackageplasticenvironmental friendly
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    1. License agreement
    2. Manufacturing agreement