Balazs Hagymasi

Managing Director
Venison Gusto LTD

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 10:00 - 16:00
DescriptionOur unique gourmet charcuterie can be served in various ways – such as the basic ingredients of any gourmet chef dishes, e.g. starters, main courses or exclusively as cold plate - in order to showcase and represent the wide variety of Venison Gusto’s repertoire which shows completely that the consumption opportunities of our products are truly endless.
Organization Type Company
CityPecs, Hungaria utca 14. C. 1. Google map
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    Looking For Distributors in food sector

    A company based in the south of Hungary and operating on the European market supplying shops, hotels, restaurants and yachts, looking for distributors, suppliers, new hotels, gourmet stores with specific gourmet products in different geographical areas: Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, UK. The products made of Red Deer, Grey Cattle, Water Buffalo and Wild Boar. Depending on the geographical area and the customers need the products can be made with or WITHOUT PORK.

    The collaboration offered is a distribution agreement which could be exclusive.

    The company intends to agree with the supplier the quantity of the product to be imported, in order to make the transaction profitable for both parties. For hotels and gourmet stores, the collaboration could start in smaller quantities with an agreement. The volume of the goods can be raised with a few months notice.

    The goal is to begin to establish contact and increase collaboration with gourmet shops, hotels and restaurants, even smaller ones, possibly without intermediaries. The Hungarian game charcuterie producer company will also evaluate collaboration with companies remarket the products.

    The company is investing in technological innovation building a new facility for increasing the production volume.

    The company knows the European market. Processing quality meat only of naturally fed animals, the final salami and bresaola products are Gluten- and Lactose-free, not containing food enhancers, antioxidants, colourants, etc. Investing in technological innovation and created the Kosher Style Pork-free product family which gives advantages and opens up markets for non-pork eater religions.

    The factory where the production held has IFS, BRC, GOSTY and ISO22000 certifications.

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Investment/Financing
    2. Sales / Distribution