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DescriptionVermipur produces 100% pure earthworm humus according to model of nature. Wurmhumus is most natural and highest quality fertilizers in the world. For good humus production the knowledge of breeding and living habits of earthworms as well as a large number of earthworms for composting (excrement) is needed. Vermipur earthworm humus is dried and compost refeined (seperated). Thus, a plant fertilizer is odorless and clean for use.
Compared to other commercial products earthworm humus has many other advantages: • is suitable for all plants (including seeds),
• is available to the plants immediately and for long term,
 • reduces water consumption (less watering),
• contains billions of positive microorganisms and enzymes which leads to a better nutrient uptake,
• contains significantly more core nutrients in comparison with best garden soil, • no overdose fertilization is possible,
 • stimulates growth of the plant (better rooting),
 • strengthens natural defense,
• has a crumbly airy structure and does not clump,
• improves soil quality in long term,
• has the ability to heal sick plants,
• is harmless to humans and animals.

 With Vermipur earthwurm humus no additional fertilizer is needed, which reduces costs. There is also a possibility to produce a high effective liquid fertilizer. Vermipur earthworm humus is for both the private customers as well as for the commercial users suitable, in particular recommended for the organic farming.
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